Article Marketing Research – Strategies and Tactics


For your article marketing to be effective, you need to be proficient at research. There are 3 areas that require comprehensive research. Make sure you do all 3 before plunging in. The last area is the most important.

Area 1: Market and niche research. – This is the step first that all article marketers should take. Before writing your first article, spend time on market research. I know this can take quite a while but with practice, you will soon be able to zoom in on profitable niches quickly. As a business owner, you need to be able to identify lucrative market segments in order to grow your business. Skipping this step can lead to a waste of resources – you execute but you don’t see rewards.

Area 2: Product research. – Once you have identified good niches, spend time assessing the existing products in the market. What are customers buying? How much are they willing to pay? How are your competitors pricing the products? Such information will help you refine your web businesses. You also have a better idea how to penetrate the market.

Area 3: Keyword research. – This is the final step. Look up profitable keywords – phrases with buyer intent. Don’t try to convert visitors who are just browsing into buying customers. You will spend a lot of time, energy and resources but you won’t see good results. Instead, focus on those who have already decided to buy. Use those keywords in your titles and sprinkle them all over the article body.


Source by Darren K Chow